My first short story review- Sam by Lisa McCourt Hollar

Lisa is one of those fabulous people that if you haven’t met her yet on Twitter, you should. As a kindness she forwarded her short story, available on Smashwords, to me and it was awsome! Now being a zombie fan I must say that I was pleasantly surprised by it. Instead of the standard issue undead human or unknown virus, we get magic that makes the “zombie”! I’d like to call it what it feels like though; voodoo! Hell yeah, VoooooooDOOOOOO! I love that word and all it stands for. Humor me, please, as I’m not a well individual!

Sam revolves around a young boy, Tommy, his recently deceased and resurrected goldfish, Sam and his bitch of a mother, Joyce. They all live quite unhappily down the hall from what can only be a (here comes my word again!) Voodoo priestess, Mama Tasha. As you can probably guess if you’ve read the excerpt, Mama Tasha resurrects our beloved “hero” against her better judgment. She does this because of her love for Tommy, nothing more. Those with children know there is nothing we wouldn’t do for the little crumb snatching ankle biters.

Without giving too much away, it is easy to fall in love with our finned, psychopathic friend, Sam. He’s loveable in all his quirky, gory glory just as much as its easy to despise the antagonist, Joyce.
At eleven pages on Smashwords, it’s a quick, delicious read and it will leave you will a bright smile on your face as you lust for more undead fishiness!

For those interested, and you should be, for shame if you’re not, Sam can be found here:


About Jason McKinney

I'm a word slinging, werewolf loving, zombie wrangling, scare master author, husband and father of three. When I'm not writing, I'm blathering nonsense to the world or taking orders from the family. You have my thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy the madness and mayhem! Stay delicious, my living peeps!
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6 Responses to My first short story review- Sam by Lisa McCourt Hollar

  1. OMG, what an awesome review! I am glad you enjoyed it!

  2. Thank you, Lisa! It was a really enjoyable read! I want more Sam! 🙂

  3. I’m still waiting for the sequel *hint hint*

  4. Angela Scott says:

    What a great review, Jason. You know, the whole idea behind zombies came from voodoo, and the belief that with a bit of dark magic the dead could be brought back to life. Love me some voodoo.

    I’ll have to check out her book on smashwords. 11 pages–even those with adult ADD should be able to read that (such as myself). No excuses. 😉


    • The voodoo zombie aspect was one of the reasons I loved her short. Even after doing my own novel variation of the undead I went with the all popular virus. Not original of me I know. 😉 But the voodoo origin made me smile nonetheless.

      I have ADD bad. Like now, I’m getting distracted by rice crispy treats… *drools*

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