A special kind of evil-Karl Vance from Dog World

WARNING: This post is written from the viewpoint of the protagonist from my novel Dog World. Normally when I write insights into my books I just post them, but this time the post gets a disclaimer. My wife, Tabitha, was so disturbed by how the character Karl Vance thinks that she suggested I type this to say “this is not one of my normal posts and might be a little…much,” but I know you all can handle it. With that said, enjoy.

This world will be mine sooner than I had originally planned. Iraq was an unparalleled success except for a few minor complications. Getting those complications transferred here to Fort Detrick was not a problem though. However, killing them will prove more problematic than I care for, but it can be done.
I’ve just concluded a meeting with the human survivors of one of my attacks. Frankly, being around them induces my anger to levels even I find frightening.
Most of them are human and cannot be treated as anything more than a minor threat. Only four pose a challenge, but I can deal with them. Two of the four are werewolves such as myself, and a third is a standard asshole type Brit but it’s the fourth, an unusual human that sends me into a rage. The Walinski woman is the one I find the most infuriating.
For most of my four hundred plus years of existence I’ve always hated the British and never thought to find someone who could rival the utter hatred I have for them. Brenda Walinski is that someone. How in the fuck could anyone, let alone a human, gain the power to discern werewolves from humans and good from rotten?
It’s her “abilities” that could undo what I’ve crafted for the better part of two and a half centuries. My doctors tell me that she was infected by lycan blood when her helicopter was brought down but why didn’t she change?
The useless cunts told me that it had something to do with heat, melting composites and some other bullshit that possibly could have done something but they weren’t sure. The variables were too many especially with the head injury she suffered. If I’d been there I’d have removed that chunk of metal and replaced it with another type of rod. I would’ve skull fucked her to death. She’s human but she’s fuckable.
I’d love to get my body into hers. If anything she needs to be taught she can’t feel her way into anyone’s psyche. How revolting it was to feeling her probing my mind. I’d eat to her but I’d be afraid I’d get some catchy new form of human disease. It seems the crash was able to mutate the virus so who knows what else is possible. Still, breaking her spirit and watching her slowly burn will suffice.
Admittedly, the useless science-cunts weren’t so useless I guess. They gave me a basis but still, they failed me. I don’t want theories; I want facts. I told them from the get-go to give me facts or they would be punished. Maybe I should have been a little more specific. Regardless, they left a goddamn mess for my people to clean up but at least the vamps in the basement levels ate well.
To get back on topic, I will have to make sure Walinski’s not just killed but that her body is disposed of properly. I’m honestly afraid that the accident could be recreated and that is something I can’t have.
The British asshat, Shelby, is my secondary concern. He’s a soldier’s solider or in his case, a Marine’s Marine. I’ve read his jacket and it’s a laundry list of bravery this; honor that with a splash of fearlessness that will pose a problem. His MI6 standing doesn’t alleviate worries either so I may need to take a personal hand in these matters. If for no other reason than rending his tea sipping, derby wearing, black John Stead looking-Avengers ass apart.
The other two threats are fellow lycans though one is not expected to live past this week. Cameron Mitchell and Susan Sutton would make fine breeding stock if it weren’t for their human love weakness. I’d love to subjugate them to the breeding pens but I won’t have mongrels or bitch curs soiling the Aberration blood lines. Our hour is at hand and there will be no need for those like them.
When the moment is right, my dogs in hiding will come forth and stamp out the pack traitors.
I just read the line above and I feel like goddamn Snidely Whiplash. I should be twirling my mustache and chuckling, if I fucking had one. No matter, in 41 days that bullshit won’t be of consequence. It’s the age of the wolf now.


About Jason McKinney

I'm a word slinging, werewolf loving, zombie wrangling, scare master author, husband and father of three. When I'm not writing, I'm blathering nonsense to the world or taking orders from the family. You have my thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy the madness and mayhem! Stay delicious, my living peeps!
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8 Responses to A special kind of evil-Karl Vance from Dog World

  1. Spot says:

    That is one evil dude! Here’s hoping the good guys win!


    • He’s so evil, Stacey, that an R rating or even NC-17 is not enough. 🙂 Dog World is a total 180 from Memoirs of the Walking Dead. It’s my fault though. I’m the one that had the Dog World story festering in my mind for over ten years. Honestly, the good guys don’t win in book one. In fact, it’s that old chestnut about the civilization ending but with a werewolf twist. 😉

  2. lynmidnight says:

    Hmm, you can tell your wife it’s not too much. Has she read Stepeh King novels? (Omg, wasn’t King’s wife named Tabitha as well??) Hmm, but I do see why she said it. I like… the character’s anger and at first, I actually thought he was attracted to the woman. Silly me. I wonder what travesties he’ll do to get his satisfaction. I guess what I like in villains is when they get pleasure out of inflicting pain, you know?

    • Believe it or not, she’s the one that introduced me to reading Stephen King. Before we married I had only read one book of his, Insomnia, and that was two years earlier. The Gunslinger is what really got me hooked on his work and it’s all thanks to my Tabitha. 🙂 And yep, Mr. King’s wife is also named Tabitha and my Tabitha has always loved that fact… or coincidence. lol What Karl Vance has done in Dog World deserves an American Style NC-17 rating. The blog post insight is nothing compared to the atrocities he’s commited. In all honesty, I mean, I’m the one that created him and even I wonder where his depravity comes from. Of course, I needed someone supremely viscious and cold to offset the good guys.

  3. Antonio J says:

    Karl Vance is one evil werewolf.

    • I had to plumb the depths of my soul to come up with him. Well, had I a soul it would’ve been hard to plumb the depths. 😉 Honestly I enjoyed writing about our dear Mr. Vance. It was a stomach turning thing at times but fun nonetheless.

      • Antonio J says:

        Will there be anymore Dog World insights? I liked reading all of them so far it like reading deleted scenes from a book.

  4. There will most absotively, positlutely be more Dog World insights. It’s fun for me to write them and I’m happy to see readers like you enjoy them as well!

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