Comics and Horror Guest Post

I have been a bad boy and remiss in my duties.  I did a guest post on Amy Rizzo’s blog on Tues. July 5th and I did not do a post about it on here. 

I could make the excuse that I forgot because the next day Wed. July 6th, Amy did a guest post on here and I was so obsessed over trying to make sure I did it right because it was the first guest post I have ever had on here, that my post completely slipped my mind, but that would be cowardly of me 🙂

Another reason I didn’t blog about my guest blog on Amy’s site is because, well, I’m absent minded and my kids have a secret mission to drain daddy’s brainpower by .001% per hour per day. I think it’s working because I’ve also forgotten how to make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Yep, I’m screwed and I screwed up.

So, now I am going to fix my mistake and I beg forgiveness of Amy for my oversight.

On to the fixing!

Tues. July the 5th Amy Rizzo was kind enough to allow me to do a guest post on her blog.  I did up a little ditty called Comics and Horror.  In it I explore how over the years comic books have influenced my chosen path of being a horror writer.  Maybe you can relate or would just like to hear me ramble on about zombie super heroes 🙂 Either way run on over to Amy’s blog and check it out and let me know what you think!

And don’t forget to read Amy’s short story post here about wickedly delicious cookies that suck the soul right out of you and turn you into a mindless monster.

About Jason McKinney

I'm a word slinging, werewolf loving, zombie wrangling, scare master author, husband and father of three. When I'm not writing, I'm blathering nonsense to the world or taking orders from the family. You have my thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy the madness and mayhem! Stay delicious, my living peeps!
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