Review: Specter of the Covington Fencibles by William Deen

The Specter of the Covington Fencibles is a well-crafted piece of fiction based on Mr. Deen’s family history. I enjoyed this novella from start to finish. The story was fascinating and the character development was excellent. Mr. Deen made you really feel what was going on and guided your emotions to where he wanted them to go. So much so that I was surprised by how much I disliked Deen’s ancestor, L.B. McGrew. McGrew was definitely someone who deserved his comeuppance.

It takes some serious stones to write a story in which your ancestor is a total $@#%heel. This story goes to show that even some of the nicest people can have nasty ancestors that make for great characters.

The story of the Covington Fencibles follows Leonard Bradford McGrew through his time as a Confederate infantryman, a civilian bounty hunter during the War Between the States and his civilian life. You get the full effect of how much of a terrible person LB McGrew is during the war when he shoots a young boy of ten or so for allegedly stealing some of LB’s provisions. From this incident is spawned the specter in the novella’s title.

The best part of this novella is the end when L.B. receives his just rewards for a life so miserably lived. It sent shivers up and down my spine.

The title is a little misleading though since the specter only truly haunts L.B. and not the entire company of the Fencibles, but it is a catchy title that grabs your imagination.

If you want a ghost story that chills you at exactly the right moments then The Specter of the Covington Fencibles is for you. Available on Amazon and Smashwords.

William is an author and exceptional student educator in Pensacola Florida. A graduate from the University of West Florida, he is married with six children and two grandchildren. His wife, Pamela, is a retired educator. He is an avid Sci-Fi fan. They are currently collaborating on the forthcoming title, The Groaning Bridge. 

Pay a visit to his blog William and Pamela Deen and check out more about him and his other works The Groaning Bridge, a story my wife particularly liked and The Gods Among Us, the first in a spectacular series.

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