Nashville Comic and Horror Festival aftermath! Some of The Walking Dead cast were there!!

I said it once and I'll say it again. I don't take good pictures. Man, I look demented as Hell!

It’s the Monday after the weekend spent at the Nashville Comic and Horror Festival and I am still a bit tired. It was a good show. I made some serious bank with Dog World and Memoirs of the Walking Dead and met some kick ass artists and writers there.

Before I go any further I want to announce that Emily Marcy of Nashville, TN was the winner of the Marvel Select variant Deadpool. Congratulations to Ms. Marcy! For everyone that entered and who has wrote a working email on their entry will receive a short story tie in to Dog World, titled Rookie’s Last Ride. A parental advisory will be listed on the email body because of it’s rated R nature.

The most remarkable thing is I started Saturday with twenty copies of Memoirs of the Walking Dead and thirty-five copies of Dog World and by Sunday I’d sold out of Memoirs and had fourteen copies of Dog World left. Needless to say I’m still stoked.

I received a lot of exposure for my zombified M1 Abrams tank. Even though I had a Zombie Wolverine on display, the gore caked tank I created was the biggest hit I had on display. I guess I did something right with it. But anyway. On with the show!

Now these zombie's would always have the right of way.

Sunday I had the honor of meeting Tennessee’s own Dr. Gangrene AKA Larry Underwood, the host of Dr. Gangrene’s Creature Feature. He’s been kind enough to extend an invitation to interview me about Dog World. That was more awesomeness that has me super motivated.

Dr. Gangrene and I at the sh.ow. Larry was the one that had it going on.

Dr. Gangrene is a horror show host similar to Elvira and was named one of the best horror hosts by Dark Realms Magazine. If you haven’t followed him on twitter or visited his web lab then you should. His twitter handle is @drgangrene and his web lab is located at You should check it out but only after you’ve read this post.

Also at the show was fellow twitter-lord, Richard Ewell AKA @richardrants. Richard’s got a novella coming out in 2012 called Fat Trapped, which he’s billing as a Hostel meets The Devil’s Rejects type read. It sounds pretty bloody. For info on Richard’s works go to to find out more.

Richard and the missus discussing who the next victim will be.

Also, I have to give a shout out to the best damn comic artist at the show, Terry Huddleston. Terry is a professional artist and graphic designer who should be working for Marvel or DC. His work is out of this world and when I say he was the best comic artist at the show, I mean it. He was kind enough to hook my son Chris up with two poster-sized prints with some of Chris’ favorite Marvel and DC characters. Needless to say, Chris was happy! To check out more of Terry’s work you should go here:

The Man at Work! He was a one man hurricane.The Merc with a Mouth surrounded by some Marvel unknowns. Art by Terry Huddleston.

I had a special treat that wasn’t mentioned on the schedule for the festival but should have been. Cast members from The Walking Dead were there and I was privileged to meet with some of them.

Among The Walking Dead cast were Madison Lintz AKA Sophia Peleteir, Melissa Cowan AKA Bicycle Girl, Addy Miller AKA Little Girl Walker, and Keisha Tillis AKA Morgan Jones’ undead wife Jenny. I was lucky enough to meet Keisha, Addy, and Madison but I didn’t get to meet Melissa. That was missed opportunity on my part.

She was so friendly. It was a pleasure to meet her.

Check out Addy's eyes. I swear it's not photoshopped. How wicked is that?

Madison had just showed up and was gracious to everyone that stopped by.

I had my picture taken with Addy and Keisha and Chris had his taken with Addy and Madison. Chris is a shy boy by nature and he was even more so standing beside two cute young ladies like Addy and Madison.

Let me tell you that I was like a kid meeting a big star. She was the sweetest thing!

Me and Keisha Tillis! She was so awesome and one of the nicest people ever!

Chris and a couple of Walking Dead sweethearts.

It goes without saying that a good time was had by all this past weekend. Take a moment to look through the pictures of some of the cosplayers and celebrities that I was fortunate enough to mingle with.

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4 Responses to Nashville Comic and Horror Festival aftermath! Some of The Walking Dead cast were there!!

  1. That is so cool that you got to meet some Walking Dead cast members – all while gaining some great exposure for your work! Great post there!

  2. What a cool event! Congrats on your sales too 🙂

  3. Thank you, Jennifer. We had a blast! It was nice to be on the other side of the table for a change. lol I don’t know what was better, meeting some of the cast members and other talent or making sales. 😉 Both were equally awesome.

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