A Simple Evacuation – A zombie short story exclusive featured on swedishzombie.com

A few months ago, swedishzombie.com approached me, wanting to do a review of Memoirs of the Walking Dead.

I’ve said time and again that I was floored that someone in Sweden would have a copy of Memoirs let alone want to review it. Truth be told I’m still rather surprised.

What surprised me even more was that the owner/operator of the site, Jonny Berg, gave Memoirs a four out of five star review. It’s not that I think my story is crap. No, it’s that Mr. Berg is a serious zombie fanatic. Meaning he likes his revenants serious and traditional. Comedy never enters the picture when it comes to his undead pleasure. He made an exception for Memoirs of the Walking Dead, though.

To read that exception you should visit this:

Swedish Zombie’s Review of Jason McKinney’s Memoirs of the Walking Dead

In the review he challenged me to write a serious zombie short story and asked if I would be open for an interview. How could I say no, right? In answer to his challenge I wrote a short story titled A Simple Evacuation, which is an exclusive for swedishzombie.com.

A Simple Evacuation is written in the same style as Memoirs of the Walking Dead but centers around US Marine Corporal Henry “Hank” Phelps and his dealings with the outbreak of the Pelican Flu. You follow him through his regiment’s deployment to the streets of San Diego, his subsequent infection and turning, and how he deals with being a new member of the undead. Unlike Memoirs it’s written from a serious standpoint with absolutely no comedy in it.

While A Simple Evacuation takes place in the same world as Memoirs, and even mentions a character or two from the parent book, it makes a great stand-alone story that I think is great undead fun for all.

So if you have a moment in your busy day, and are a fan of Memoirs of the Walking Dead, you should rush over to swedishzombie.com and give it a read. Even if you’ve never read Memoirs of the Walking Dead you should read it.

A Simle Evacuation on Swedish Zombie

Additionally, I’d like to give Stacey Turner a huge thank you for editing A Simple Evacuation. If it weren’t for her, I’m sure it wouldn’t shine as brightly as it does. And thank you for reading this and visiting swedishzombie.com.

About Jason McKinney

I'm a word slinging, werewolf loving, zombie wrangling, scare master author, husband and father of three. When I'm not writing, I'm blathering nonsense to the world or taking orders from the family. You have my thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy the madness and mayhem! Stay delicious, my living peeps!
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