The Moon is No Place for a Ghost by Dea Lenihan Reviewed by Christopher McKinney (mostly :)

I’ve got a special treat for everyone today. As a part of my son’s school work, he was tasked with reading a book that we received from Dea Lenihan through the Coffin Hop and reviewing it. Today’s post is a product of that assignment. The words are mostly his and I helped but a smidgen on it. I read the book, too, and I must agree with him on the review. 🙂 Please welcome Christopher McKinney’s review of The Moon is No Place for a Ghost.

Chris likes the cover and so do I.

The Moon is No Place for a Ghost by Dea Lenihan

My children and I have always been drawn to books that were super natural in nature and I have to say The Moon is No Place for a Ghost by Dea Lenihan is one of the cutest children’s books I have ever read. And since I have three children and was an avid reader as a child I can tell you that I have read quite a few children’s books over the years.

The Moon is No Place for a Ghost tells a story about a group of ghosts that are in search of a home. They have been displaced by the over population of people, human beings to be exact. You know how bad it is when you have your mother-in-law move in with you? Well, for the ghosts it is ten times worse for them when they have a human take up residence in a house they are haunting. As a result there are so many homeless ghosts it has become and epidemic.

To make matters even worse for the ghosts Goblins have taken over at Municipal Scare Headquarters and made it illegal for ghosts to scare unless it is Halloween. If any ghosts steps one toe out of line they are thrown in Otherworld Jail and never come out the same.                                                                      

For one group of ghosts, Charles, Frances, and friends, life has become very sad indeed as they wonder aimlessly in Clark Park at night and fly around searching for a place to live during the day. Their one bright light is Penelope the Witch. Even though she has a quirky sense of humor that they don’t quite understand she is very nice and they enjoy her visits.

One night Penelope visits the ghosts in Clark Park and in an effort to cheer them up invites them to go to the moon with her, but they insist that “The moon is no place for a ghost.” After Penelope leaves for her expedition to the moon, Charles, Frances and their friends are floating around Clark Park as usual and accidentally scare a young couple in love that are in the park when they are not supposed to be. Unfortunately for the ghosts the Goblin Splot, Captain of the newly created Goblin Police Force is lurking in the bushes just waiting for any excuse to arrest the poor displaced ghosts.

So when the ghosts accidentally scare the young couple Goblin Splot has all the reasons he needs to throw Charles, Frances and friends into Otherworld Jail. A chase ensues and they are almost caugh, but thankfully, the ghosts are able to escape the evil goblin and his cronies. But for how long? Maybe the moon is a place for a ghost after all. 

Charles,Frances and friends enlist the help of Penelope to go to the moon and see if it just might be a nice place for them to settle down and not be in danger of ending up in Otherworld Jail.

However, Goblin Splot has not given up on his plot to arrest the unfortunate ghosts. Along with his second in command Goblin Grim and the evil witch Hecate they will stop at nothing to get rid of the, as they see it, wretched ghosts.

This delightful tale was not just a fun read, but also educational. It was peppered with wonderful facts about the moon and space in such a way that your children will never know they are learning something. 🙂

I though it was a great book suitable for children of all ages big and small!

Go to Amazon and pick up your copy today!

And you can also find it on Smashwords!

Dea Lenihan is an independent author and artist from New Jersey. She was born in Norwalk,Connecticut, and has worked as a makeup artist, insurance underwriter, sales person, illustrator, and small business owner. She is the author of the newly released children’s book, The Moon is No Place for a Ghost, the first book in the Out of this World series. She is working on several children’s books, including Penelope’s Garden, the Back Yard of a Witch and a Christmas book. She is also finishing up the illustrations for a soon-to-be-released book written by David Rowinski.

Dea also writes under the name Penelope Crow. Check out her blog at As the Crow Flies at and see all the other wonderful books she has written. Also, she’s on Twitter @penelopecrow so do us a favor and give her a follow!

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10 Responses to The Moon is No Place for a Ghost by Dea Lenihan Reviewed by Christopher McKinney (mostly :)

  1. Great job Christopher! 🙂

  2. Christopher says thank you but only after he shruggs and says, “I can’t believe you put that up, dad.” lol

  3. Christopher–I just want you to know that I think you did a terrific job reviewing my book! You are a great writer yourself. 🙂 I hope your teacher likes the review because I sure do. I feel great today because of your review. Thanks again!
    Penelope Crowe

  4. Jason-
    Thanks so much for the wonderful review on Smashwords–it is very appreciated! HUGS!!
    Penelope Crowe

  5. By the way–Christine DeMaio-Rice did the awesome cover!!

  6. Hello-
    I just got a message that you are leaving the writing fold and I am sad. i was not able to open the whole blog…please send again. Would love to hear what you have to say.

    • I’ve suffered from a strong lack of self esteem in my writing the past few weeks. It’s been hard to motivate myself into thinking that I’m any good at it but Tabitha was there to slap and then kick some sense into me. I think I might need a break.

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