Stevie McCoy’s #TuesdayTales Winners!

On Monday, Stevie McCoy, mistress extraordinaire of Glitter Word blog,, approached me to be the #TuesdayTales judge for the 12/6/2011 contest. How could I say no, right? I blogged about it as shortly thereafter so you should be in the know. If not, then know that I judged wisely and maniacally. 🙂

The award of awards

One of the things that must be accomplished as a judge is to use a secret word accompanied by a picture selected by Stevie. My word was Sassinak. The word was borrowed from the late great Ms. Anne McCaffrey, who passed away recently.

The inspiration for my strong female characters.

I was a fan of Ms. McCaffrey from way back and she was one of my inspirations for writing. I got to know her work through her novel, Sassinak. Being a fan of strong women, the character resonated with me instantly. I fell into the Planet Pirate series with reckless abandon and I still have the books I bought at 17. I’ve never moved anywhere without them. She was one of the greats in my mind and she will be missed.

Below is the picture Stevie selected for the #TuesdayTales contest. I see a future here:

This could be my daughter Sarah in 20 years. She's blonde, loves to fly and adores pink

Stevie received numerous excellent entries but only one could be the #1 choice. And that choice was Happy Super Jen’s, AKA Jennifer Filipowicz, entry.

Now those are some happy eyes.

Super happy Jen operates under the blog and the twitter name @superhappyjen. She’s a writer of great mystery. More mystery surrounds her than most masked superheroes. She’s that mysterious.

If you’re feeling blue then head over to her blog because the happy and the pink will totally lift you up or put you in a pink induced coma. Matter of fact, do it and then follow it after you read her entry.  

Here is the urban dictionary definition for Sassinak:


“In the urban dictionary Sassinak means: English Scum, Also Sassinak is the name of Anne McCaffrey’s character that went to colonize a new world… instead attacked by pirates she became a slave then got enough skills to be a fleet officer and control of her own ship. ”

And here’s Jen’s story:
Julia stared at the Sassinak, into the round purple sphere that she thought was its eye, but could have been its mouth.

“Will we be waiting long?” it asked in an Oxford accent. Its amphibious bubbling skin spewed yellow slime in her direction.

“Forty minutes,” Julia guessed. “The ship needs to be refuelled.” Urban Legend said the Sassinak would eat you if you turned your back on it. Julia’d never believed that, but now that she was sitting across from one, she wasn’t so sure.

“I’m a bit nervous,” said the alien. “I’ve never been to —-” It pronounced the unpronounceable name of its homeworld, never losing the English lilt.

Julia was taken aback. “I thought you were from there.”

“I was hatched in South Hinksey,” the Sassinak explained. “My parents were diplomats”

Of course Julia had known that Sassinaks had lived on Earth for a while, particularly in England. She hadn’t entertained the idea of them having families. “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have assumed.”

Two tentacles emerged from folds of slimy skin and Julia noticed the Sassinak wore a friendship bracelet. It shrugged, a distinctly human gesture.

“Don’t worry,” Julia said. “You’ll fit right in on the homeworld.”

I picked four runners up and here are their twitter names, in order of winning:  @Call_Me_Bookish, @LupusAnthropos, @solimond, and @ChuckWesJ. I suggest you follow them. I do this very strongly for each has a minion that delights in eating non-followers or using them as playtoys.

Thanks to all that entered and congrats go to Jen!

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