This is what irony looks like…

A good friend suggested I blog about a funny thing that happened to me and she was right.

Those that know me know that my birthday was on the 19th and the only thing on my list was a laptop. As love would have it, my wife okayed me to get one. It’s a great little laptop, a Dell Inspiron 1525, and in the almost three weeks I’ve had it, I’ve grown to love it to death. It’s great! Except for one thing.

See below.

I wish I could say this in my Brak's dad voice. "She's pretty like a little princess."

And this is what my wallpaper looks like.

Werewolves and superheroes. What could be better?

My choices on Craigslist were limited as I had X-amount to spend and most available were over that. I found five that met my needs, emailed the owners and in three days only one returned my query. The choice was obvious so a selection was made. Again, I love it except for that damned cover.

Replacement covers were out of my price range so I decided on a laptop skin. I can replace anything in a laptop. I’ve stripped many laptops down and rebuilt them so that wouldn’t have been a problem. My wife, God love her, didn’t fully understand why I wanted something other than the cover I have. Allow me to explain.

In May I’ll be going to WerewolfCon and I didn’t think I or Dog World would be taken seriously if I showed up with a pink laptop. I wrote a blood and guts, military based werewolf novel and a pink laptop in my hands made me a little wary. Yes, I knew the color and went ahead anyway. Still, come on, it’s pink! Or fuchsia or magenta or whatever. End of the day, it’s not…manly.

I know I’m going to get flak over that remark, saying I’m sexist, but what’s life without a little controversy. Dear Tabitha and I had a little discussion that went like this:

Tab: So, what’s wrong with it?

Me: It’s pink. I mean, look at it. It’s pink.”

Tab: No it’s not. It’s magenta.”

Me: Magenta. Pink. Whatever. It’s girlie.

Tab. Do you like it?

Me: F*ck yeah, I like it. *I clutched it like a child at this point.*

Tab: Then what’s the problem?

Me: Pink! It’s so girlie, sweetie.

Tab: You have two girls, one of whom is super girlie. Just say that they bought it for you.

Me: That’d be lying, be bad for karma, and it still wouldn’t change the pink color.

Tab: Then buy a new cover.

Me: At $50 a pop?

Tab: Good point. Then buy a laptop skin.

Me: Okay. Hopefully they’ll have something a bit more manly looking.

Tab: You are such a guy.

Me: You should be happy about that.

Tab: You’d think so, wouldn’t you? *she gave me a wink on that one*

That’s par for the course in discussions I think.

Well I went into search mode and picked out a skin. My friend and fellow author, Janet Sked, sent me an Amazon gift card for my birthday and I ordered one straight away. This is what I ordered:

I was stoked to get it. It was coming from Janet’s current homeland, the United Kingdom, so it took two weeks to arrive. When it did, I was barely able to contain myself as I carefully cut open the packaging. My hands shook as I pulled out the skin and excitement gave way to a great big WTF expression. This is what I received:

Enclosed was a packing order, calling for a werewolf skin to be sent. Irony seems to have it out for me. Tab laughed and I looked embarrassed. Good new is Janet has a new butterfly skin coming to her and the seller is sending me a new one. Let’s hope that this time it’s at least a fairy. Those little buggers can be mean.

About Jason McKinney

I'm a word slinging, werewolf loving, zombie wrangling, scare master author, husband and father of three. When I'm not writing, I'm blathering nonsense to the world or taking orders from the family. You have my thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy the madness and mayhem! Stay delicious, my living peeps!
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22 Responses to This is what irony looks like…

  1. Daemonwulf says:

    Well there Sinister McKinnister. I was unware you were partial to pink laptops. It takes a bit of the wind out of the ‘sinister’ sails, don’t you think? *wondering look* However, that was a straight-up righteous (not a word I ever use) skin. The one you ordered, that is… Methinks I shall have to look into getting one like it for my beaten up Latitude..

    And, at least M’dame Sked gets a nifty new ‘girlie’ skin. Considering that she’s so ‘girlie’ and all… *wulven smile*

    • lol At the time it was function over form, but in the end, form plays a part. I love it regardless.
      The seller has some awesome stuff for sale, some of which is better than my true selection.

  2. Methinks, me likes the pink… I get the whole “manly” thing however. I do think that the universe is telling you that something with the miss-pick on the skin… Beware!

    • I know, right? I looked at the new skin and wondered what I’d doneto make karma so angry at me. lol I think the universe is trying to send me a message but I confuse I don’t know what it could be.
      Don’t get me wrong, I go to my writing spot at Books-A-Million proudly displaying my pink laptop. Still, it’s very pink. lol

  3. Spot says:

    I can’t believe I missed your birthday!! Worst friend ever. Happy belated! I hope it was good. Oddly enough, I just had to buy my hubby his own laptop because he was tired of borrowing our daughter’s pink one (to show chainsaw training videos on) and I wasn’t willing to let him touch mine (the man is clueless when it comes to technology).

    Both of those skins are pretty sweet. But I can see how you’d like the werewolf one better!


    • No need to apologize, Stacey. You have your hands very full. It was a great birthday. The next day was our 13th anniversary so you know we were busy. lol
      Your husband definitely knows my pain. 🙂 I hope he doesn’t use the chainsaw around the laptop. lol
      Tab thought I needed a one because she was tired of my borrowing hers to write. I love it and I think out of the 5 I considered, this one is the best. Still, it was funny that I wanted something to cover the feminine color and I received something just as feminine. Irony or maybe Fate loves me. It might even be both. 🙂

  4. That’s hilarious, Jason. Thanks for the laugh. My money’s on you getting a My Little Pony one next time. Hope your writing is going well.

    • Don’t worry, long days happen more often than not. lol I normally don’t edit comments but I fixed it. If I get My Little Pony then I’m really screwed. There will be no way that I’ll have a laptop because the girls will demand that I put it on and after that… There is no way in Heaven, Hell, or Earth I’m leaving the house with that. lol There are limits to what shame I’ll endure. 🙂
      Writing’s going well. Right now I’m proofing Dog World for that con I mentioned. May will be here before I know it. I hope yours is going well, too.

      • Thanks. So, you’re saying I should buy you a My Little Pony t-shirt for your birthday next year? My editing is going well, hired an editor for an 5 pg evaluation on the novel in a few weeks and a full edit in July. I’m excited for her help.

      • roflmao Oh dear God no! I told my wife about your comment and she laughed her head off. And that was before Emily said she hopes I get one with Rarity Pony surrounded by flowers. Now I have the original MLP theme song stuck in my head. And yes, I unfortunately know that there is a new version of MLP with a new song. lol
        Oustanding on getting an editor! It sounds like to me you’re really moving along at a very good pace, Tim.

  5. LMAO!!! OMG I couldn’t stop laughing! Sorry, man! This story is definitely getting bookmarked, retweeted, G+’d, sent out via pigeon, and buried in a time capsule for future generations. Lets just hope the werewolf skin actually arrives and doesn’t fall off in the middle of WerewolfCon. (I hope I didn’t jinx you there!) Happy birthday, by the way.

    • lmao It’s quite all right. My mom once told me, and I quote, “If you can’t laugh at yourself then you’re pretty much f*cked.” Mom had a mouth on her but what could you expect from a woman with three brothers that were Navy sailors and her first husband was a career Marine. lol
      You have me wondering if I shouldn’t slather a couple tubes of SuperGlue on that bad girl for added measure. lol

  6. Reblogged this on Sharkbait Writes and commented:
    This is the first time I’ve reblogged anything before. After reading my friend Jason McKinney’s post, I just had to share with my readers. I couldn’t stop laughing. Enjoy (at Jason’s expense) :-)!

  7. Sheilagh Lee says:

    LOL I offered to loan my husband my Kobo and he said I can’t borrow that its a pinky purple.I bought him a black Sony reader for Christmas which he loves because it works and it’s not a colour.

  8. AKMamma says:

    Reblogged this on Alaskan Dreams and commented:
    Oh all my manly men… go read this lovely post.. Karma may bite you in the ass the next time you call me to girlie.. *EVIL GRIN*

  9. J H Sked says:

    I laughed even harder reading this than I did when you told me. If there is a skin out there with pink, glittery werewolves on it (possibly riding a pastel coloured pony), I think it may be heading your way.

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