Sheriff Teddy and the Plutonian Invaders Chapter two

I figured why not post the second chapter. It’s been a while since Sheriff Teddy has seen the light of day.

Brownie and Teddy are real animals, by the way. Brownie was two years old when I wrote this nine years ago, and Teddy had past away three years earlier. The personalities for both dogs portrayed in the books are true to life. Well, to a certain extent it’s true to life with Teddy. Brownie is spot on, but Teddy… Teddy was something else at times.

I only knew Teddy through my wife, Tabitha. Teddy was her dog and she loved him dearly. “He’s a great dog,” she’d say. “He’s soooooo sweet.” Yeah, he was so sweet. I, on the other hand, have a different memory of him. I only met him once and that was more than enough.

Here’s a fun fact about Teddy. The only time I “met” him was while visiting Tabitha. It was my first trip to her home, so no one had first hand knowledge of me. We were best friends, and this was two years before we even began dating. Yes, I wanted to be her boyfriend, but she was with someone at the time. I was in the friend zone, and quite happy with that. Seriously, I was. Don’t judge me. My patience paid off! Anyway…

“Wait here. I have to put Teddy up,” she said, opening the front door. “Okay,” I responded. I was going to meet her folks and I was a little nervous. I should have been afraid. Once that front door opened a great white horse came bounding towards me. “I got him,” she called to her parents. Tabitha went left to intercept Teddy, and that’s when this dog with brilliant tactics reminiscent of George S. Patton and Erwin Rommel made his feint before launching his pincer movement.

I vaguely remember someone screaming Teddy’s name before he clamped down on my posterior. That’s right, he bit me in the ass. My memory says I was facing him head on as he rushed towards me, but the physical evidence says I was more in the processes of making a retreat. You bet I ran. That dog was huge and pissed.

To this day she still laughs at the way that he tried to warn her that there was something wrong with me.

“He was protecting me,” she says, always laughing at the memory.

“He hated me,” I always answer.

“Well you know what they say, baby. Stranger, danger. And they get no stranger than you.”

I have to admit, I find the recollection funny as hell, too.

With that said and shared, I hope you enjoy Sheriff Teddy and the Plutonian Invaders Chapter two, dear reader!

Chapter Two

A Duck, A Dog and Three Worms


Brownie and Joey silently went about patrol. Joey was still taken by the wonder of the shooting stars. The only thing Joey said as the ambled along was, “amazing, simply amazing’.

“It is pretty awesome,” agreed Brownie.

“Hmmm? Oh yeah, it is. If I’d known life could be like this I’d have moved here a long time ago.”

“I love it here. All the food I can eat, all the friends I could want, and not to mention that everybody loves me.”

A small chuckle escaped from Joey’s bill. “Yeah, everyone loves ya, buddy. Manfred sure does.”

Brownie smiled. “Yep, he’s my best friend.”

Joey chuckled again. “Let’s get this patrol over so we can go home and get some sleep.”

They patrolled the area between the only road leading into and out of the farm to the cornfield. Both were content to find that everything was calm.

They had decided to call the night complete when Joey noticed pink light flashing from the pasture where the old barn was located. At first Joey thought it was a flash from a shooting star, but when he saw it again he mentioned it to Brownie.

“Did ya see that, Brownie?”

“See what?” answered Brownie as they continued walking to the farmhouse.

“That flash of pink by the Pasture of Banishment. There were two of ‘em.”

“Nope, didn’t see it.”

Just then another pink flash appeared over the pasture’s horizon. Joey stopped suddenly and stared in its direction. “There it was again,” quacked Joey excitedly. “I love ya to pieces, but please stop and look ya blind brown goof!”

Brownie stopped and turned his head toward the pasture in time to see another pink flash. “Cool! Maybe the farmer’s building a cotton candy machine or something.”

“Somehow I doubt it, Brownie. I think we should take a look out there.”

“Do you think that a good idea? It could be a surprise for us.” Brownie’s voice sounded timid.

“Don’t matter if it is or not. We’re law animals and it’s our job to check out stuff like this.”

“I don’t know, Joey. Going through the woods at night is dangerous.”

Joey thought for a moment and then agreed with Brownie. “Good call, pup. We’ll cut through the pasture. It’s a longer walk, but it’s safer.” Joey ducked under the fence and waddled toward the flashes.

Brownie barked at Joey. “Hey, wait up! You forgot me!”

“Nobody forgets you, Brownie. Ever,” whispered Joey. “Now keep it down. We don’t know what’s going on out there.”

“Okay, let’s just be quiet,” Brownie whispered back.

They walked as silently as they could through the pasture, not speaking to each other until they came within sight of the barn. The barn stood dark for a few seconds, and then lit up in a series of bright pink flashes.

“What is this?” whispered Joey suspiciously. “Whatever is in that barn is lighting up the entire inside.”

“Yeah, well, we saw it now let’s go home and tell Uncle Teddy.” Brownie sounded frightened.

“Just wait a moment. We need to see what’s in there.” Without warning Joey waddled closer to the barn doors.

Brownie shook nervously, but his concern for Joey overcame his fear. He found Joey staring intently through a crack in the door.

“Look at that,” said Joey almost breathlessly. “What’s going on here?”

Brownie looked in the direction Joey stared and saw a large brown saucer shaped object laying flat on the barn floor. The saucer looked as if it were made from dirt and rocks. Its rocky exterior took up most of the inside of the old barn.

Running around the saucer were three odd looking creatures that resembled earthworms. Each had a toothless mouth and two beady eyes. The aliens walked on four stubby legs, had two tentacles for arms and were dressed in rust colored suits that covered most of their worm like bodies. Their bodies were close to the same color as their flying saucer.

The creatures appeared to be repairing their ship. They stopped from time to time and squealed at each other in high-pitched tones. On the end of each of their tentacles were large silver, three pronged fork-shaped objects that emitted the bright pink flash that filled the barn.

The flash looked like it was sealing holes in the saucer, using large clumps of dirt scattered around. The creatures didn’t seem to notice the deputies watching them. They were too intent on accomplishing their task.

“Oh my,” said Brownie in stunned voice, “that’s a flying saucer and those are aliens.”

“Ya got that right, mac,” said Joey. He refused to take his eyes off the saucer. “We gotta get to Teddy and tell him about this. He’ll have a cow.”

“That’s impossible, Joey,” responded Brownie lowly. “Teddy’s a dog so he can’t have a cow.”

“Whatever, Brownie. We need to get outta here.” Joey looked away from the saucer and its three unusual inhabitants. “Come on. We’re leaving.”

“No way. This is just like the X-Files. How cool is that?”

“It’s cool, but we’re still leaving, pup. C’mon,” hissed Joey impatiently, swatting Brownie in the head with his wing.

Just then a louder, higher pitched squeal came from within the barn. Joey looked back in time to see one of the wormy aliens pointing its silver fork at him and Brownie. The others stopped what they were doing, and squealed as well.

“LET’S GET OUTTA HERE,” quacked Joey in panic. He ran across the pasture and was about to fly away when he realized that Brownie hadn’t left with him. He turned toward the barn and found Brownie still at the barn door.

“Brownie,” screamed Joey. It didn’t work. Joey flew to the barn as fast as he could and bit down on Brownie’s bobbed tail. Brownie yelped loudly and turned to Joey.

“You bit me!” Brownie cried out incredulously.

“Ya bet I did. Now come on!” Joey took a second to look into the barn again, and saw that the worm aliens were half way to them.

“They can’t move all that fast, doofy, and so now’s the time to go!” Joey yelled.

A bright silver light ray flashed over Joey and Brownie’s heads. Brownie then ran off done the pasture toward the farm and Joey flew off in the same direction. Silver rays flew past Joey as he soared through the night sky. He looked down and saw two of the alien worms running after Brownie firing their silver ray guns at him as well.

Joey flew back around and went into a dive at the two aliens pursuing Brownie. He landed on one of them for a couple of seconds and pecked at one of the alien worm’s head. It squealed loudly and frantically waved its tentacles over its head. A moment later, Joey was back in the air and away from the invaders. He looked back to check on Brownie and saw something made his heart sink.

There was Brownie being held in the middle of a silver ray. The ray didn’t appear to be hurting Brownie but it made him yelp in panic and kept him from running off. Joey went into another dive after the invader that had the ray on Brownie. The other two saw Joey coming and focused their rays on trying to capture him. Joey flew in and out of the rays’ paths but was unable to get back to Brownie.

“Help me, Joey!” Brownie cried.

“I’m coming, buddy!” Joey responded as he flew back to rescue Brownie. He circled around the alien and tried to knock the ray gun off the tentacle but missed. Instead Joey found himself trapped in a silver ray. Unlike Brownie, it didn’t stop him from flying but it slowed him down greatly. The ray didn’t hurt it just made moving very hard.

“Let me go, ya fishing bait rejects! Let my buddy go too or I’ll make a Christmas present for the fish outta ya!” Joe bellowed.

The alien worm that had Joey appeared to be having a hard time controlling the ray while he was in it. The invaders then started to move back toward the barn taking Joey and Brownie with them.

“This isn’t cool anymore!” Brownie howled. “This isn’t cool and I want to go home!”

“Don’t worry, Brownie!” Joey yelled. “I’ll get ya out!” Joey flapped his wings harder and faster than he ever had in his life. He felt that he was able to gain moment the longer he tried and then suddenly Joey was flying free through the air.

“I’m free, Brownie!” Joey yelled hopefully. “I’ll get ya out…” Joey never finished his encouragement to Brownie because he flew straight into the barn wall. He flew so hard into the wall that he knocked himself unconscious. When Joey awoke a few hours later the sun had come up and Brownie, the invaders and the saucer were gone.


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