Memoirs Reviews

I have to say I have gotten some pretty great review on Memoirs of the Walking Dead. Here are some clips from them and many thanks to the reviews themselves!

[My first review for Memoirs was by Angelica Hill on Buy It was the first review period I had ever received and I was soooo nervous, but it actually turned out pretty well :)! She had this to say:

-” Jason McKinney has created a novel full of cherished life lessons with unmistakable humorous tones.” To read the full review visit Buy Zombie’s review of Memoirs of the Walking Dead.]

[My second review was from Stacey Turner on See Spot Read. Stacey is also a great friend, incredible editor and wonderous writer! She had this to say about Memoirs: 

-“The book is laugh out loud funny in parts, gruesome in parts (Zombie sex, anyone?) and thought-provoking in others.” To read the rest of what Stacey had to say visit See Spot Read Memoirs of the Walking Dead review.

Stacey also did an interview with me on her other blog The Author Spot :). To read the interview visit The Author Spot: Meet Jason McKinney.]

[I was also review by a true zombie aficionado Steve the Zombie of Zombie Zone News. I was truly flattered by what he had to say:

-“McKinney gives his readers a funny and touching story that is as tough to put down as if he were a seasoned vet.”  To read the rest of the review visit Zombie Zone New review of Memoirs of the Walking Dead.]

[My most recent review was by Swedish Zombie and he was a hard sell on a zombie comedy. I was so wowed by the fact that anyone in Sweeden would be interested in my book and it turned out he liked it too!

-“The zombie cat Charlotte is probably one of the coolest things I’ve encountered in a book in a long time.” To find out what else he had to say at Swedish Zombie Reviews Jason McKinney’s Memoirs of the Walking Dead.

Mr. Burg also interviewed me for Swedish Zombie and I have to say he had some really intese questions. To check it out visit Swedish Zombie Interviews Jason McKinney]

I have also had some wonderful reviews from readers on Amazon and I would like to say thank you to them as well! Amazon Customer Reviews for Memoirs of the Walking Dead 

[Angela Scott “Angela” had this to say:

-“This is the first book I’ve read in which, as a reader, you actually root for the zombies.”]

[Kevin J Burke had this to say:

-“It can get pretty grim reading about the zombie apocalypse all the time so I was happy to discover that Memoirs of The Walking Dead is a comedy (mostly).”]

[P. Vallimont had this to say:

“I enjoy most things zombie and post-apocalyptic, but there are times where they all begin to look and sound alike. Not this one!! McKinney injects his off-the-wall sense of dark humor and irony into the story.”]

[Kate Monroe in the UK had this to say: 

“If I get stuck in the middle of the zombie apocalypse, I want a cat like Charlotte at my side! A great, fun read; laugh out loud humour interspersed with dry wit and moments of real depth. Highly recommended.”]

[Antonio Jones had this to say:

“This has to be the funnist book I have read in a long time. Jason your twist with these zombie made this book really enjoyable for me. Plus I liked all the Dog World cameos you had.”]

[Tabitha’s Attic had this to say, but I think this one was biased, lol!

-“It made me laugh and made me gag (like any good zombie book should) some times at the same time.”]

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