Sheriff Tedddy

Before I started writing books to scare children and animals I wrote about animals to entertain children.

One night I told my son who was about four at the time a bed time story about my wife’s old dog Teddy and the family cat Puffy. Teddy was the Sheriff of a farm in Nebraska, where my in-laws originally hailed from, and Puffy was his Deputy.

As soon as I finished my wife told me that I had to write it down and make it a book. Well, I said I would do it, but never did. Until, one day at my boring accounting job for the State of TN while on lunch I felt compelled to write and I started writing the first book I ever wrote, Sheriff Teddy and the Mysterious Egg Thieves.

When I told my wife what I had done she was thrilled and floored. Thrilled because I had finally done it and floored because it had been four or five year since I had originally told the story. I told her it was because I had to wait for our dog Brownie, who is almost the spitting image of Teddy, to come along and tie it all together.

By the time I got through writing all of the Sheriff Teddy books that I have so far there were five on them.

Sheriff Teddy and the Mysterious Egg Thieves

Sheriff Teddy and the Sneaky Sheep Stealers

Sheriff Teddy and the Plutonian Invaders

Sheriff Teddy and the Fidgety Fox

and last, but not least Sheriff Teddy and the Dragon

Sheriff Teddy and the Big City was in the works, but kind of shifted over to horror 🙂

I figure I wrote them and put a lot of work into them so I might as well share them, so here are the first two chapters of Sheriff Teddy and the Mysterious Egg Thieves. I know they aren’t horror, but I have been told they are pretty darn funny and I hope you enjoy it!

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