Werewolves of the Dead

Werewolves of the Dead is one of my current works in progress. I had just gotten done with Dog World when my daughter, Sarah, told me that I should write a book called Werewolves of the Dead and it should have werewolves and zombies in it. She then proceeded to lay it all out for me in her cute little elfy voice and to my amazement I really wanted to do it. Although, I have taken the idea and made it my own I still owe the inspriration to her.

My wife, who says I’m going to post the whole book before I can publish it, has also gone on record to say that this is the darkest, bloodiest most disturbing piece of work that I have done so far and she lives with me and hears all my crazy ideas so that is really saying something, lol! Chapter 5 is were the carnage really starts and she thought about committing me. I hope you all enjoy…Werewolves of the Dead!


Werewolves of the Dead

By Jason McKinney

Chapter One

Chapter Two

Chapter Three

Chapter Four

5 Responses to Werewolves of the Dead

  1. QXFace says:

    Hi! I heard about you from @BlackAlchemy.
    I like both werewolves AND zombies, so I’m Werewolves of the Dead now.
    I wonder what else we have in common? Do you like cookies? Money? Whoa, this is blowing my MIND, man!

  2. QXFace says:

    Deadpool, huh? That’s a weird choice.
    If *I* had to make out with one fourth wall breaking Marvel character, I would have chosen She-Hulk.

    But, whatever! It’s a free country. (What country are you in?)

    • If we’re going that route then my heart is on Lady Deadpool. Scars give women character. Of course Ms. Marvel is pretty hot even though she’s not 4th wall. I’m in the US, by the way. You?

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